Why become a member?

Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, is fuelling the breakthrough technologies that underlie the digital transformation of industrial production.

Quebec’s AM ecosystem is booming, which will benefit key sectors of its economy.

Our members include a variety of stakeholders in Quebec’s AM ecosystem, along with others who seek to become members: industrialists, researchers, professionals, etc.

Your CQFA membership offers a number of benefits:

  • Visibility

    • Showcase your expertise and AM-related services;
    • Reach out to other members, clients and potential partners using the Promotional Showcase and Search Tool;
    • Highlight your achievements, projects, new services and investments using our various communication tools (the “News” section, newsletters, and social networks).
  • Business Opportunities

    • Industrialists can access scientific partners who can improve their processes, create distinction for their products, and improve their quality;
    • Researchers can identify collaborative industrial partners to help support their research and development projects;
    • Develop innovative collaborations and projects through the Exchange Space;
    • Propose or access calls for tenders;
    • Post job offers.
  • Advice and Support

    • Join a network of industry and academic experts that can help identify solutions to the challenges faced by your company;
    • Fuel growth with new contacts while acquiring new knowledge and privileged access to exclusive resources;
    • Save time and focus on the essentials with the support of other members and the CQFA Coordinator.
  • Access and Share Exclusive Content

    • Improve your knowledge with the Knowledge and Experience Base, part of which will be exclusive to members;
    • Help build the Knowledge and Experience Base by sharing case studies, success stories and business cases.
  • Member Exchange Space

    • Access a secure platform exclusive to CQFA members;
    • Consult the Membership Directory and enrich your network;
    • Start discussions with future partners;
    • Create and access Working Groups, calls for tenders and calls for solutions.