Fees and Membership Types

  • Individual Membership

    Professionals and employees who belong to non-member organizations and companies, along with those who are interested in AM, will receive the following:

    • All the benefits of the Member Area;
    • A secure platform to create and update your profile while managing your subscription and shared documents.

    Fee: $150/year.

  • Corporate Membership

    Ideal for companies who belong to the AM ecosystem.

    This membership offers:

    • Three distinct user profiles, including an administrator with management access to shared company data (logo, member file, shared documents, etc.), user accounts, and the billing area;
    • Each profile will receive access to the Member Area, along with all of its advantages.


    Annual fees vary according to the company’s size:

    • $300 for companies with 49 employees or less;
    • $500 for companies with 50 employees or more.

    Other organizations :

    • $150/year.


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