About The CQFA

Additive manufacturing (AM) is fuelling the breakthrough technologies that underly the digital transformation of industrial production. The Carrefour québécois de la fabrication additive (CQFA) was created in response to the Livre blanc sur la fabrication additive au Québec, the whitepaper on additive manufacturing in Quebec, unveiled by PRIMA Québec and its partners in March 2020. This structuring project focuses on collaboration and knowledge sharing to stimulate developments in the AM ecosystem. The CQFA offers networking opportunities for the ecosystem’s stakeholders (manufacturers, researchers, professionals, etc.), creating business opportunities and promoting AM’s contributions to the competitiveness of local businesses. Driven by PRIMA Québec and its collaborators, the CQFA is managed by a volunteer committee that brings together Quebec’s additive manufacturing ecosystem.

Benefits of becoming a member

  • Visibility

    To showcase your expertise, share your successes, highlight your innovative projects, and post job offers.

  • Exchange space

    To access an exclusive platform designed to share knowledge, collaborate, and identify solutions.

  • Business opportunities

    To network, develop business ties, design projects, respond to calls for tenders and locate top talent.

  • Referencing

    To identify the right expertise within the ecosystem, or from other CQFA members.

  • Exclusive content

    To access a knowledge and experience base that provides case studies and business cases.

our members talk about the cqfa


“The CQFA provides us with a source of information on the progress and the stakeholders involved in Quebec’s current AM ecosystem, in addition to training sessions based on several areas of interest (intellectual property in 2023).”  

Dominic Goulet, CEO at Mekanisk 3D Printing Services 

“The Carrefour regularly publishes relevant information on manufacturing best practices. For us, staying close to new materials, along with the industrial uses associated with various 3D manufacturing processes, brings significant strategic and economic value.” 

Denis Akzam, CEO at P4BUS Systems   

“The CQFA provides a dynamic showcase for additive manufacturing-related activities in the Quebec ecosystem.”

William Grey, Exo-s

“The CQFA has allowed me to expand my list of contacts. For example, a professor from a Montreal university approached me through the platform to work on a research project involving several students.” 

Adel Alouani, CEO at Torem Labs

“The CQFA has allowed me to expand my list of contacts. Following discussions with various members of the ecosystem, I had the opportunity to act as a speaker during a scientific symposium.” 

Dominic Lemelin, CEO OptiFab 3D

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