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Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding and/or Additive Manufacturing: Choosing the Right Technology to Better Respond to the Industry’s Needs

The formative processes of injection molding and extrusion blow moulding present a particular set of challenges for companies in the automotive industry:
• Considerable tooling investments are required for parts that can only be produced in very low volumes;
• Part performance is limited by mould and process-related constraints;
• Beyond the fact that the mould’s design is relatively time consuming, once produced, modifications are complex and expensive.

The inclusion of additive manufacturing in its service offer allows Exo-s to provide customers with interesting solutions while mitigating key vectors that disrupt the traditional manufacturing flow. Additive manufacturing provides access to end-use parts, without the need to invest in tooling, along with a revolutionary design freedom that allows complexity at no extra cost, as well as a digital inventory that allows multiple design iterations, even after the process has begun.

Exo-s considers additive manufacturing for the automotive industry as a new tool in their service portfolio. All manufacturing processes have intrinsic advantages and disadvantages. By using them in a complementary way, the company can achieve performances never seen before, primarily in terms of productivity and plastic parts geometry. The result is a win-win technology for customers, manufacturers and end users alike.