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Montreal Messe 2024: a great success

The first edition of the Montréal Messe was held in Montréal on February 8, 2024. Organized by the Centre d’expertise industrielle de Montréal (CEI MTL), the event focused on technology and innovation. It provided an opportunity to discuss current and future trends in additive manufacturing.

Here are some of the highlights:
● Interest in Quebec’s additive manufacturing sector continues to grow with new stakeholders like 3D printing filament manufacturers and designers (geometry modification, smart slicers). The objective: To correct parts and improve their quality.
● Research has been focusing on the development of new materials to help break into new markets.
● There is a growing trend in sustainable production toward the use of recyclable and compostable thermoplastics.
● In the fight against planned obsolescence, Bill 29 will have a tangible impact on the market by changing the behaviour of manufacturers and the role of users in the creation of parts.
● Soft robotics are on their way, along with 4D printing (altering shapes through external stimuli), and 5G integration. The implications will involve fewer energy expenditures, unprecedented speeds for the production of parts, and real-time 3d printing control, which will undoubtedly impact medical markets, as well as semiconductors and batteries.

The CQFA would like to thank the CEI MTL for its invitation.