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New Zephyr extruder achieves extreme flow rates

Canadian company Dyze Design , a specialist in ultra-fast extruders and hotends since 2015, has launched its latest product, the Zephyr High Flow Extruder. While Dyze Design is perhaps best known for its pellet extruders for large-format additive manufacturing (LFAM), the new Zephyr extruder is made for rapid extrusion of 1.75 mm filament. Its high-temperature capabilities make it compatible with high-performance materials like PEEK.

The most attention-grabbing aspect of the new Zephyr extruder is its extreme flow rate of 685 grams per hour or 154 mm³/s (achieved using PLA at an extrusion temperature of 260 °C with an ultra-wide 1.80 mm nozzle). While such rates are more likely to be reached on industrial 3D printers—Dyze extruders have been used by high-temperature AM specialists from Roboze to fellow Montreal company AON3D—Dyze Design regards the Zephyr as a solution that bridges desktop additive manufacturing with large-scale industrial applications.