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P4BUS Systems at France Additive!

In early July, CQFA member P4BUS Systems had the honour to present its new algorithmic methods and systems for large groups and public stakeholders at Forum France Additive 2023 [France additive forum]. Calling upon post-quantum cryptographic mathematics and techniques, these methods and systems seek to authenticate and secure 2D, 3D and nD design files, along with object manufacturing and printing processes across every sector (luxury goods, industrial and cultural objects). For more information, please contact P4BUS by email: p4busQuantum@gmail.com


Making the most of its presence over three days of activities at the forum’s first edition, P4BUS undertook discussions regarding possible cooperation and collaboration between the Carrefour Québécois de la Fabrication additive (CQFA) and France Additive, a leading French association that brings together every stakeholder in the 3D printing sector (additive manufacturing). Open and multi-sectoral, the association brings together research centres and academics, along with manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and end users alike.