Case Studies

Transformation of 3D Printing Scraps (TRI)

INÉDI (2023).




INÉDI‘s 3D printing laboratory, ProtoDEC, generates a significant amount of plastic waste from the use of its 3D printers. These plastic materials are recyclable, but in the absence of identification by a recycling pictogram, it is not possible to dispose of them in a standard way.

INÉDI, in collaboration with Atelier Ecodesign, is looking to develop a method for grinding 3D printing waste, with the aim of using it as raw material to make new prints.

By using a printer fed by a variety of pellets, as opposed to a conventional printer which requires a filament with a precise diameter, INÉDI wants to demonstrate that it is possible to do additive manufacturing in a laboratory context from grinded plastic waste, and consequently that it is possible for a 3D printing center to be autonomous in taking care of and reintegrating its plastic waste into its production cycle.