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What is cold spray?

As a reminder, Cold Spray (CS) is an additive manufacturing process where metal powder is accelerated to supersonic speed and propelled towards a substrate.  It is the only thermal spray process capable of adding a significant-enough thickness to be recognized as additive manufacturing (CSAM), allowing to do many things such as : Dimensional and structural repairs,  Functional coatings, and Adding features.


Green, because of how it works.

Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing (CSAM ) also represents an environmentally friendly alternative to technologies such as electroplating, soldering, and painting. Presence of hexavalent chrome, a well-documented human carcinogen, during processing of traditional chrome plating applications led users of these technologies to switch to HVOF thermal spray of tungsten carbide, a more benevolent process on this regard. Because of the absence of fumes, combustible gases, sparks and flames, CSAM represents an even better alternative for health and safety standpoint, using no acid, no base, no solvent, and no hazardous gas.