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Manufacturers, Researchers and Students: Stakeholders in Additive Manufacturing Come Together at Thetford Mines

Quebec and French stakeholders in additive manufacturing came together in Thetford Mines on October 11 and 12 to discuss scientific and technological advances in 3D printing. Organized by COALIA and CREPEC, the event was a resounding success.

• Over 150 participants;

• Close to 30 conferences introducing the latest additive manufacturing technologies and 3D printing materials (metal, polymer, composite, ceramic, concrete), as well as projects initiated by manufacturers and researchers;

• An exhibitors’ showroom;

• A science poster competition;

• Several networking sessions;

• A tour of COALIA’s laboratories:

Mineral sector: Characterization, mineralurgical processes and thermal processes;

Plastics sector: Characterization, formulation and shaping.


During this two-day period, participants were able to deepen their knowledge of additive manufacturing, while others found new partners for their research projects. Some manufacturers even found the perfect fit to complete their additive manufacturing research teams.

The CQFA is delighted to have helped organize the event.